Sunday, June 4, 2017

#314 - Karmeleon

"Don't waste time on Revenge. Those who hurt you will eventually face their own karma."

Time may be infinite, in the big picture, but not my picture. My picture is finite, so if I choose to let karma come back to someone, I prefer to help it along.

#313 - Richly Famous

I'd rather be rich than famous. Famous is fine, for a time, but "rich" lasts longer. You'll be infamous, long before you go broke.

#312 - Older Is Getting Younger

30 years ago, we all had two ages. How old we are and how old we look. How old we look is usually ten years younger than how old we are.

20 years ago, we added a third age, how old we feel, because more often than not, due to the lifestyles we live, how old we feel is actually ten years older than how old we are.

10 years ago, I've added a fourth age, how old we act. How old we act is now 10 years younger than how old we look, which is ten years younger than how old we are, which is ten years younger than how old we feel.

#311 - Modern love

So, is POST-Modern simply a term because a new term has yet to come about, AFTER Modern?

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

310 - Scissor One

Why do they call it a "pair" of scissors? One scissor doesn't cut it. It
doesn't cut anything. I can understand a "pair" of pants, since pants are
merely short for pant-legs. But scissors? I mean, come on: who uses one
scissor? You can't buy just one scissor. The most you could use one scissor
for, and that's only if you break the "pair", is as a box cutter.