Monday, July 4, 2011

#257 - Bad Apple

There will always be at least one bad apple in every group. And this saying, compliments of LaFevre, sums it up: “There will always be one standout in the group, who isn’t happy unless they are miserable all the time.”

#256 - SwellCome

Huh?! New addition to the LaFevre Dictionary of Contemporary Terms. Created out of a typo. A combination of two words – swell and welcome. As in, “You are a swellcome sight for sore eyes!”

#255 - Waiting On A Friend

The decision to wait is an easy one. If you know how long you have to wait, then you know how long you’re willing to wait, which usually extends for a brief period after the designated time. But if you don’t know how long you have to wait, because a timeframe was not given, only wait the same amount of time as what you would have waited past the time designated. If that doesn’t make sense, I don’t have time to wait for you to get it. You have 15 minutes.

#254 - The Abyss

Do what you're supposed to do, not what you want to do. When climbing out of a hole, you're supposed to stay on track, focus, and use the branches, rocks and holes, that are there to assist you out of that hole. The rope that is thrown down, is from an unknown, external, detached source, and a distraction, and could drop you down further, ruining what progress you've made thus far. Forget the rope. Stick to the branches, rocks and holes.

#253 - The Double Deuce

A new version of an old catchphrase. As a chuggernaut (fevism #63), LaFevre occasionally strays from the classic “40”-ouncer, for the quick rush, time permitting, of the 24-ouncer. The “40” is a classic, and already embedded in the society hood vernacular. And while 12- and 16-ouncers are one-and-done on the spot, they are two small to get the job done. A 24-ouncer gets it done, when it is needed to be done so. And so it goes, it should be honored with its own nickname. since the “40” is already taken, LaFevre gives you the double deuce. Enter, the logic of LaFevre.

Double deuce is two 2’s. How does this translate to 24 ounces? Technically, it doesn’t. But when you are using an algorithm to explain a nickname, as long as you come close, from a left-field sorta way, it works. Double Deuce. Two 2’s, that add up to 4. 2, 4, equals 24. Ounces, that is. Nicknames are just that. And as such, don’t have to live up to the exact science of mathematics. Simply coming close is good enough. After all, aren’t nicknames for anyone and everything, a stretch of the imagination, but still relative to what it refers to, if not, an exaggeration thereof?

#252 - Fountain Of Youth

"The fountain of youth, as it is advertised, and passed down through the ages, is nothing more than a pipe dream, and at best, and urban legend. But it does exist, albeit, on a more ethereal, spiritual, personal level. The fountain of youth is inside each and every one of us. It is what flows through us, continuously, and that which keeps us. You have discovered the fountain of youth if, you live each day to the fullest, don't sweat the small stuff, take advantage of every opportunity, get up and dust yourself off after being knocked down, and remember this: whatever happens, mostly likely it isn't personal; and if it is, it's there problem, not yours.

#251 - Cat's Eyes

It appears cats don't have a visual sense of the self. I've seen several comedy videos of cats in fight mode when they see themselves in the mirror, which obviously means they don't recognize themselves as such, and believe what they're looking at, is something else.

What they DO recognize is you in the mirror, but not enough to realize it's only a reflection, since they don't understand that you are behind them, so they don't turnaround. Interesting topic for further research. Meanwhile, here's a song with that in mind (sung to MJ's version): “I'm looking at the cat in the mirror...”

Lunch Is Served - an excerpt from My Chequered Life, the LaFevere AutoBiography

Here’s the example I was talking about regarding talking my way in. Aggression never works. Neither does begging. There’s a point in time, in the fraction of a few seconds, when an opportunity presents itself. Divine intervention. The planets in line. Who knows. It just happens. You only get one chance. Use it or lose it.

During the beginning of the SF underground metal scene, a favorite haunting ground was the Record Vault. A used record shop where you could find any metal you wanted. Much of it was from overseas. They were often busted for selling bootlegs. Bands often held autograph signings there. Mercyful Fate from Denmark. Venom from England. These two hated each other. Both singers, King Diamond from Fate and Cronos from Venom. Both Satan worshippers. Fit my description. Two of my first acquisitions from the early days. Metallica. Slayer. Exodus. Possessed. Death Angel. Venom was in town, headlining a bill with Slayer and Exodus. Exodus backed out, as they often did. Possessed filled in. Most may not know this, but Larry Lalonde, guitarist for Primus, originally played for Possessed.

Venom was scheduled to appear at the Vault, along with Slayer. Liked Venom, loved Slayer. Took a half-day off from work. I managed to get their autographs before they had to leave for a soundcheck. Slayer was off to the side, drinking, with no one asking them for theirs. I was with my girlfriend at the time. Edna. Philippine-born hottie. We had just finished lunch, taking her leftovers with her. We walked over to Slayer’s table. They went nuts. Huh? They were starving and saw her Styrofoam leftover container. She immediately gave it up. Even though I already had tickets, I asked if there were still tickets available. Cheap me, looking for an extra ticket. They pointed me to their manager who then put me on their VIP guest list. When we got to the show that night, I got the passes and sold my other tickets. It wasn’t about the money. If it were about the money, I would have sold the VIP passes. I wanted those for myself. To this day, it stands as one of my all-time favorite shows.

#250 - Kid's English 101

What is a thorax? The preferred weapon of a Norse god.

#249 - The Trouble with Trouble

What people go through, to get things done, is seen by some as more trouble than it’s worth. That kind of trouble is relative, and subjective. What is trouble for some, is not much trouble for others. And for some, who don't consider it trouble at all, but merely just a little extra effort, it's the benefit in the end that makes it worthwhile, and worthy of the effort, in the end.