Wednesday, February 18, 2009

131 - Rocky Road

Third and final fevism in the BUMP series. Brought to you courtesy of my man, J.Hutch. He asks if the air bump can explode. The answer is No. The Air Bump is done by two individuals from afar. But Hutch raises another query, and LaFevre immediately thought of an alternative to the creation of the original Bump (see fevism #46).

LaFevre is going out on a limb here, and adding yet another term, a variation of a game men play in a high-testosterone environment, when either high and/or drunk, as a test of strength, called knuckles, where you bash each other’s fists and the loser is the one screaming in pain. LaFevre calls it the “knuckle slam”. And that, Hutch, is where the explosion occurs.

It may very well have evolved into something a little more civilized, and less painful, known now as the Bump. No bloodletting. No ripped flesh off the knuckles. Just a simple bump between friends. More bonding than the newly-considered-professional “handshake”. Strangers shake hands. Friends bump.

LaFevre retorts...

Whoa, when I look into your eyes,
I can see the back of your head.

#130 - Bump In The Night

OK, so it’s not really occurring at night. Hell, you wouldn’t be able to see it. What we’re talking here is a progression in the evolution of the bump. LaFevre went over this in fevism “#46 – The Origin Of The Bump”. And it is being added to the LaFevre Dictionary of Contemporary Terms, since he named it himself, even though the action itself was around first.

It’s called, the AIR BUMP. LaFevre discovered this while waiting in line for the daily mail at the post office. While giving bumps to others as they come in to get in line, others were further back, and one usually kept to himself. But when he walked in once and raised his fist, and leaned it forward as if to give a bump, I returned the gesture. And the Air Bump was born. If an actual bump cannot be done up close, the Air Bump works from afar. All this will be published soon enough.