Wednesday, April 7, 2010

#202 - Clockwatchers

Time flies when you're having fun. But what about at work? Which would you prefer: watching the clock because the day is taking forever? Or watching the clock because you're running out of time, to do what you gotta do, which is a good thing?! It means the end is near. And that means time for fun, which then means, time is about to fly. Twice as fast, of course.

#201 - In The Toilet

A fevism double-shot. Firstly, what is it about toilet humor that is so immature and childish, that one must be mature enough to tolerate it and not be offended by it?

And secondly, as a prime example, here’s some of that very humor, immature in nature, but even the most mature have to laugh at it, cuz you know it’s true.

Every once in awhile, LaFever likes to aim directly into the pool, hearing the flow as it hits the pond, making bubbles in the process. LaFever thinks it has to annoy some, especially when they’re sitting in a stall. The part LaFever can’t wait for, and hopes to happen some time in the future, is a comment from the stall: “Do we really have to hear you pee?”. Finally. “Fuck yeah, if I gotta smell your shit!”