Monday, February 17, 2014

#287 - You Got Claw'd

       Sooner or later, everyone gets punk'd. Even Claw. But...if you've ever been punk'd by Claw, you weren't really punk'd at all. You've just been Claw'd. And when Claw gets punk'd, he's not really punk'd at all, either. He just got claw'd.

#286 - Sleeper

     Sometimes I wake up thinking I've been awake the whole time, then realize it was all a dream, and think I’ll be tired all day, because the mind was busy dreaming, even though the body was asleep. Unfortunately, even if the body has rested, when the mind has been busy, it’s still taxing during the day, but not so bad. Physically tired, but sharp as a tack.

#285 - A Hero Passive

A hero is someone who acts first, without thinking,
rather than thinking first, then acting.

Acting first, is reactive in nature, not relying on logic or common sense, but more on spur of the moment, as in, what needs to be done, for the greater good, an act of self-sacrifice, without any consideration for the consequences of the actions, and how they may affect you, good or bad. That is the essence of heroics.

#284 - Wizdom On The Way

Many wisdoms are simply a wise-ass response, disguised as an altruism,
delivered in diplomatic fashion, to something someone said or did, in an asshole sort-of-way. Fevisms follow this format, albeit loosely, since fevisms are not subject to any rules or format, whatsoever.

#283 - Eye-Cue

Never underestimate the intelligence of those we think are less intelligent than us.

#282 - Prayer For The Day

LaFevre says a prayer at bedtime, to get him through the night, and wake up the next morning. The next morning, he says a prayer, as a thank you for making it through the night, and to get him through the day.

#281 - Clawgic

     That would be the logic that Claw employs, when creating, configuring, and conceptualizing, the Fevisms; the reality of life, to survive, surpass, and thrive, in the world today. Clawgic. Learn it. Embrace it. Live it.