Wednesday, December 21, 2011

#280 - Imaginarium

LaFevre can imagine it happening.
Imagining is easy, happening is not.

#279 - Up To Speed

If you can’t keep up, I can’t keep bringing you up to speed.

#278 - Ejukayshunal Prosess

One of LaFevre’s favorite hobbies is the process of education, learning new stuff all the time; and also educating others, but not in a way that makes others feel uneducated, or uninformed. As in, insulting along the way.

#277 - I Think Not

LaFevre has occasionally had run-ins with individuals he has corrected, for the same mistake, more than once. So it has been said, that these individuals think he doesn’t think very highly of them. LaFevre has only one thing to say:

It’s not that I don’t think very highly of you;
it’s more like, I don’t like having to think for you, over and over.

#276 - Toner Wash

Don’t ever feel like you’re guilty when not recycling toner cartridges. Everything else, maybe, but toner, no. Here’s why: you’re influenced to think you should order remanufactured toner cartridges, called remans, or remaxes, because it’s good for the environment. And, it saves you money, while making money for someone else in the process. It’s bullshit. New cartridges are the only way.

But here’s the deal – new cartridges that are recycled, can only be used once, according to industry standards. If you turn in a used cartridge, you get maybe 5% of the original cost. The recycling company sells these cartridges to remanufacturers at a 20-30% markup. Then these remanufacturers refill the cartridges, sometimes without cleaning the cartridge, or repairing worn parts, then resells these cartridges at an additional 20% markup, which is basically only 20% less than an original cartridge. The problem is, more often than not, they leak in your printers, necessitating a service call; at which time, the technician lays on you a bullshit line about being charged extra, since the warranty doesn’t cover service calls that involve remanufactured toner cartridges. They only back down when you call them on that warranty; as in, the warranty covers the machine, not the cartridge.

Do yourself a favor: when the cartridge is done, throw it out. You will be doing someone else a favor by not having it leak in their printer, requiring a service call. And, cheap, fly-by-night recyclers won’t make any money in the process. Stick to the originals. OEM’s. HP.