Saturday, October 22, 2016

#301 - Fear Of A Black Cat

So, it would appear it is good luck to actually own a black cat,
but it is bad luck to have cross your path.

Well, what happens if your cat crosses your path in your home?

#300 - Honor & Respect

Always treat the support staff with honor and respect. I know. I'm in a support position myself, working in the mailroom/copy center/fileroom, etc.

The CEO doesn't recognize what I do, but the janitors do.
The CEO doesn't say hello when we pass in the hallway, but the delivery drivers do.
On the off chance I do speak to the CEO, he doesn't care what I think or say, but the engineers do.
If I have a problem, the CEO directs me to my boss or HR, but the security officers at least empathize, since they've been there before.
When the CEO gives a company-wide direction, I am directly affected like everyone else, including the janitors, engineers, security personnel, and delivery drivers.

Always get to know your janitor. And security personnel. And building engineers. And delivery drivers, if they're regulars. All of them, will make your life easier. And even better, if you treat them with respect.

#299 - Life Savior

To save someone's life without any fanfare or notoriety, anonymously, is the ultimate self-sacrifice, and something I hope and wish to do, before I pass.

#298 - Two-On-One

The benefit of a Gemini’s point-of-view, is not one viewpoint, but two. Geminis look at things from straight ahead, but also from an alternative angle. Sort a like when you look at a dog, and he looks at you, but you make a funny face, and the dog turns his head sideways, to look at you from a different angle, to figure you out.

#297 - Broken Walls

Some say they can be broken, while others say they will be broken..
I say they SHOULD be broken, because they were MADE to be broken,

Because they were haphazardly built in the first place.

#296 - Spiritually

From the day we are born, we die a slow physical death...

but we survive, because we live, a slower spiritual death...

#295 - Decide

This is not open to debate. There is no argument. It's an open-and-shut case. One of us is right, and one of us is wrong. I'm right, and you're wrong. Now, you can take Option A: walk way, in silence, look it up and see for yourself, then apologize in private, and we'll leave it at that. can take Option B: put your money where your mouth is. Money talks...and bullshit walks. Personally, I hope you take Option B. I can always use the money. But I'd be happy with Option A. Your call. 

#294 - The Wonder Of Awe

Isn’t it quite possible for a being, vastly superior to ours, in a direct response to something we consider proportional, or something we consider consistent in our findings, to throw the proverbial “monkey wrench” into it, knowing it will “trip” us up, just to “fuck” with us, and stay one step ahead of us, the whole way? 

#293 - Power And Sense

ESP is actually a misnomer. Somewhere along the way, it became an urban legend that those with ESP could “read peoples’ minds”. This is false. Reading minds, and moving objects (telekinesis), are actually powers, not senses.

ESP is an acronym for “extra sensory perception”, which is what I have. It’s more in tune with logic, common sense and intuition than anything else. You have your standard five senses; then, you have logic/common sense/intuition, which is the sixth sense. And it’s not so much that I have more of it, it’s just that others are lacking in it, which makes it double for me.

#290 - Ask Not What You Can Do..

For everyone that actually  asks, 
there are a multitude that wish they had,
or were afraid to.

#292 - Not On My Watch

I owned one watch, at one time. Never again. Who needs one, especially today. What, with everyone’s phone out, and the time readily available. And there are clocks everywhere. Hell, watches are worn by people to give me the time. Never mind that I’ve always known what time it was anyway. Hey, the only time I didn't know what time it was, was when I didn’t care what time it is.

#291 - Pretzel Logic

#291 - Pretzel Logic

Logic is objective, whereas the use of logic is subjective. Logic, for all intent and purposes, is a dreamstate. The very act of logic negates itself, wherein whoever is using logic, twists it to their own agenda, and, however perverted, still comes out true.

Logic is the same as numbers. Numbers don't lie, but by their very use, can be manipulated, wherein all uses, by their very nature, are true, so to speak, and all end up different, in their usages. 

If anything, logic will only make things more difficult, but only if you don't have the foresight to see through all the hyperbole and paradox that accompanies logic. Logic transcends that which doesn't make sense, only to make sense in the end, after you wipe away all the bullshit attached to it.

This must have drove Spock nuts, being half-human, and half-Vulcan. 

#289 - Death Becomes You (But Not Me)

#289 - Death Becomes You (But Not Me)

I, too, was once like you.
Forever mortified, but ultimately untrue.
Then came a second time, I thought it was over.
No pearly gates, just the cliffs of dover.

Numbers three and four, were my fault.
But the Lord had other plans, he never said halt.
I realized then, I had nine lives.
And I had just used up four; high fives.

You see, I'm a big cat, through and through.
With five lives still left, my life still, is anew.
What does not kill me, makes me stronger.
You cannot kill me, forever any longer.

I am the sign of the tiger, majestic and beautiful.
Claw is my name, physical, mental, and spiritual. 

#288 - Look Who's Talking

There's nothing wrong with talking to yourself. You're just thinking out loud. The problem starts when you hear someone talking back, who is not there.