Friday, December 26, 2008

#116 - A New Dawn

The days of positivity continue, in spite of the economy (2008). This inspiration comes courtesy of my friend, Mr. Scherer, of New Jersey. Proof positive there is hope yet for the human race, meaning you can maintain a friendship with someone you’ve never met, borne out of a single common interest, simply by email. Of course, you have to realize, it wouldn’t survive without some sort of respect. It’s all too easy to blow off someone from behind the safety of your computer screen. But I digress, that is the order of the day in this cyberspace-dominated society we’ve come to embrace, and depend on, unfortunately.

But, more importantly, the new dawn is always accepted as a changing of the guard. Doesn’t happen very often. Or not as often as it should. LaFevre prefers to think of the new dawn when he wakes up each morning. A new dawn is a new day. For whatever happens the day before, the day eventually ends. Whew. Wake up. Start over. Deal with the unfinished business. It’s all temporary. Like I said, tunnels, baby.

Quotes to ponder:
LaFevre quote: “When you live day to day, pray to live another day.”
"It’s darkest before dawn, so if you’re going to steal someone’s paper, that’s the time to do it.”
“Funny how ‘day’ breaks, and ‘night’ falls.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tiger Claw says...

It is not whether you win or lose,
it's how you air guitar.

#115 - Tunnel Vision

Merry Christmas, everyone. A day of positivity. This one is borne out of a current family crisis. The wonderful thing about fevisms is, they are anecdotes and discoveries that come about when a crisis occurs, and gets you through it all.

Basically, there are caves, and then there are tunnels. Both provide protection. From the elements, whether man-made, nature, or a result of your hand. The difference is, caves are temporary, short-term, and a dead-end. Tunnels, on the hand, may go for miles, but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, that being the exit.

We retreat to caves, to comprehend and figure out, to come out after resolution. Caves, for all intent and purposes, cannot sustain. Caves are a resting period, since there’s nowhere to go, except deeper and deeper.

Tunnels, on the other hand, are permanent. We enter, for a duration, and exit at the end. For whatever troubles we encounter, are merely tunnels. They twist and bend, up and down, meaning the end may not be visible. But there is an end, and that’s what we need to remember, in the long-term. Nothing lasts forever. Even tunnels.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

#114 - The Budgit Paradox

OK, I know I’m not a professor or expert on economics, but some things are obvious on the layman’s level. So, without going into any great detail, allow me to share with you a simple observation. Or more appropriately, a zen riddle.

We all know and hear about deficits, on local, state AND federal levels. I don’t get it. I’ve worked in Corporate America for 27 years. When a company loses money, especially a publicly-traded company, change is swift. Wages and returns depend on it. Until the deficit is gone. How is it, governments always seem to operate with a deficit, but everyone, from top to bottom, always seem to get paid? If the money coming in (assets) is less than the money going out (liabilities), where is the money coming from? And who do we owe if it’s continually borrowed?

Here’s not a new term, but a new definition for the term “budget”. It means, think twice before spending. As in ‘budge it”. It comes down to two realizations – luxury, or necessity. Do you want it, or need it? Funny how it never seems to enter the mind while shopping. Or budgeting.

Monday, December 22, 2008

#113 - The LoongTao Philosophy

For those unfamiliar, “LoongTao” is a term I created to represent my philosophy, my way of life. “Loong” means “dragon” in Cantonese, “Tao”, “way”, or “path”; hence, “Way of the Dragon”. The philosophy system is based on the 3 levels – physical, mental & spiritual. Each level has 3 representations to honor and respect. #1 – the arts, philosophy, and tradition. #2 – honesty, integrity and sincerity. #3 – transcend, evolve and become.

These are all ‘for life’, but I’ve realized recently there should be a daily 3 that helps to attain and achieve the above. And those are what we strive to be and do – move ahead, rise above, and look beyond. You could even say each one is respective to each level, in that order.

In spite of the world’s place at this moment in time, remember your family, your friends, and your associates. And those around you, as far as strangers go. Happy Holidays everyone.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

#112 - Run For The Border

Funny how things happen without giving it a second thought, only to realize it after drawing attention to it? That’s what ‘fevisms’ are all about. After pointing it out to someone while walking about, not five minutes later, it happened, again.

Everyone walks their dog. A great American past-time. Except one. What is it with Chihuahua owners that they have to carry them instead of walking them? LaFevre didn’t get it at first. But then after seeing one owner put him down to walk, it came to him. The smallest dog in the world is so small, they can’t keep up with their owners. If you see a Chihuahua being walked, stop and watch. LaFevre guarantees you, within 5 minutes, 10 tops, he’ll be picked up out of frustration.

Of course, LaFevre has his own philosophy on dogs that small – there is no respect for anyone whose dog is smaller than his cat. Ruff to accept. It is what it is.