Friday, October 29, 2010

#236 - Obi-Claw Kanobi

I am the Jedi master of air guitar.
He is the Jedi master of air guitar.
You don't need to see my identification.
We don't need to see his identification.
I can go about my air guitar.
He can go about his air guitar.

Tiger Claw says...

I can't believe I did what I did for a Klondike Bar..

#235 - I Know You Are, and So Am I

I may be schizophrenic, but so am I. I may be schizophrenic, but at least I have each other. I may be schizophrenic, but that’s because I’m beside myself. I may be schizophrenic, but we’re cool with that. I’m not schizophrenic, I’m a Gemini. Schizophrenics have one personality, split in two. Gemini’s have two whole personalities. The thing to remember is, dealing with both types yields the same results. Coming, AND going.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

#234 - Meds Vs. Meds

Huh? What’s the diff? LaFevre knows the diff. Medicine vs. medication. LaFevre believes ‘medication’ is the official term. Somewhere along the way, ‘medicine’ was adopted as slang for medication. So now, medical personnel call it medication, while those of us who take it, refer to it as ‘medicine’. That’s all and good, but LaFevre chooses to differentiate between the two, and change the meaning of one, but not the other.

LaFevre thinks it would be easy to separate in one aspect, that being in how it is dispensed. Prescriptions would be medication, based on their potency alone, while OTC (over-the-counter) would be merely medicine.

But LaFevre has a better distinction. Anything issued by prescription, or purchased over-the-counter, for the purpose of healing, whether internal or external, is considered ‘medication’.

Anything that makes you feel better, physically, or mentally, is considered ‘medicine’. Examples:

If you’ve had a hard day at work, and need to unwind, you stop by the local tavern for a pint. That’s medicine. If you’ve been away for a week on business, while your mate is at home, and hit the bedroom before unpacking, that’s medicine. LaFevre knows you know what he’s talking about.

#233 - Accidents Will Happen

LaFevre was recently conspiring on how to get someone access, by using tricks, via a loophole. Bottom line: conspiring. Made to look like an accident. Then he got to thinking.

Accidents happen all the time. But are they really accidents. Who knows really what percentage of accidents are really ‘accidents’. Or what percentage are really something else, based on different reasons or occurrences; or not an accident at all, but merely disguised as an accident. LaFevre sees 4 general scenarios, with others, simply a variation of the 4.

¼ of accidents are truly accidents, unpreventable, and unforseeable.
¼ of accidents are the result of someone not paying attention.
¼ of accidents are the result of someone looking the other way.
¼ of accidents are conspiracies disguised as accidents.

#232 - Cause & Effect

I was just returning from the corner store, looking into the lobby of the building next to mine. Horrendous. All the junk mail, most notably, the advertisements for supermarkets, all bundled together. Safeway, Cala, Foods, Inc., Lucky's. Pathetic. So all the tenants don't feel they need to throw their own trash away, they have to leave it on the floor by the mailboxes. Did I say pathetic? I think I did.

I had that problem for years in my building. I've been there for 15 years. I said to myself, "No. I'm holding everyone responsible." Every time someone left their shit on the counter in the lobby, I picked it up. did I throw it away? No. That would be too easy, and lets them off the hook. what they all don't realize is, all the flyers/ads had their apartment numbers on it.

So I started leaving all their shit by their door. Slowly, over time, no one left their shit in the lobby. They took it upstairs and put it in their own trash.
So if you live in an apartment building, and notice the constant and same trash by the mailbox, and you want it to stop, knowing full well mentioning it is a fucking waste of time, make the small effort for a month, of separating it and dropping it in front of each tenant's door. I guarantee you, after a month, they'll stop dropping it on the floor by the mailboxes in the lobby.

Case closed.

#231 - T.P. Role Model

LaFevre will never understand how those who are responsible for ordering supplies for their company, allow things to run out before ordering. LaFevre uses toilet paper as the prime example. Do you let it run out while you're on the throne? Maybe, if there was more in the closet. But do you let the last roll disappear, knowing there's no more in the closet? Didn’t think so.

LaFever retorts...

How is it possible for a sport like tennis to be so quiet, even though everyone is always raising a racket, while bowling is one of the loudest, yet you can still hear a pin drop?

#230 - California Dreamin'

Have you ever gone to bed, and woke up five minutes later, only to realize 7 hours had just passed, and what you thought you were thinking while waiting to fall asleep, was, in fact, just a dream, and when you assumed you were awake all night, and after you immediately thought, how am I going to make it through the day, you realized it WAS all just a dream, so today is no problem? Happens to LaFevre all the time. Could be happening right now. He’ll have to think on this tonight...when he goes to bed. WAKE UP!!!