Monday, January 3, 2011

#241 - A New Beginning, A New Dawn

New Year’s Resolution. Uh, yeah. LaFevre’s heard it all before. I will start doing this, I will quit doing that. The first time you fall off the wagon, you stop. Everyone resolves that they’ve failed, and it’s over. Well, LaFevre’s got news for you.

Those resolutions all of you make, should be a goal for the whole of next year. Not to be started, and if you fail, you give up; but something you start or begin, becomes short- or long-term for the remainder of the year.

You do something you swore to stop? Accept it and move on, by doing without. You’ve gone a month without beginning what you’ve promised? So start now, instead of waiting any longer.

Basically, LaFevre believes the resolution has become a dream that people wish for every year, with no hope of attaining, but by their very nature, not attaining it becomes no big deal. What a copout. The resolution, by its very nature of being something you’ve resolved yourself to do, should be considered as short-term/long-term goals, to be completed some time during the course of the year, or by year’s end.

I resolve: to lose fat, gain muscle, lower BP & cholesterol, clean out the closet, move, buy a used car, return to New Orleans, volunteer at SPCA...

LaFever Retorts...

Who me? I'm nobody.
And since nobody's perfect,
I must be perfect.